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Farm Energy Audits

This program provided energy audit data collection training to North and South Jersey RC&D affiliates. Through this project RC&D recruited 5 data collector trainees, assisted in setting up the training program, and identified 4 local farms to be used for data collection training. Participating farms received a free energy audit. Learn more┬áhere! You may qualify […]

Pollinator Conservation

Pollinators are essential to our New Jersey environment. The pollination service they provide is necessary for the reproduction of countless flowering plants, including many of our local agricultural crops like apples, peaches, strawberries, pumpkins, clover, alfalfa and more. The United States alone grows more than one hundred crops that either need or benefit from pollinators, […]

Protecting and Improving Wildlife Habitat through Riparian Restoration

Through this project North Jersey RC&D and project partners will implement eight riparian restoration projects in the Upper Delaware and Wallkill Watersheds. The implementation of riparian buffers provides numerous wildlife benefits including thermal modification for cold water fisheries, establishment of native plant communities, and restoration of streamside forest communities. Sites for buffer installation will be […]