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Protecting and Improving Wildlife Habitat through Riparian Restoration

Through this project North Jersey RC&D and project partners will implement eight riparian restoration projects in the Upper Delaware and Wallkill Watersheds. The implementation of riparian buffers provides numerous wildlife benefits including thermal modification for cold water fisheries, establishment of native plant communities, and restoration of streamside forest communities. Sites for buffer installation will be […]

Protection of Critical Sources Areas for Achieving Long-term Sustainability of Water Resources in the Rockaway Creek

The objective of the proposed project is to protect/preserve critical source areas at the municipal level for achieving the long-term sustainability of water resources through community-based land use planning and ordinances. To support the objective, we propose 1) to establish and maintain an effective network of scientists and agency personnel for protecting the critical source […]

Morris Canal / Lopatcong Creek

This is a very unique project! The Lopatcong Creek served as a water supply for the Morris Canal througout its life. When the Morris Canal was decommissioned in 1924, the Lopatcong Creek was pushed out into a field to save the integrity of the Morris Canal. Today, the stream has migrated back towards the Morris […]