Protection of Critical Sources Areas for Achieving Long-term Sustainability of Water Resources in the Rockaway Creek

The objective of the proposed project is to protect/preserve critical source areas at the municipal level for achieving the long-term sustainability of water resources through community-based land use planning and ordinances.

To support the objective, we propose
1) to establish and maintain an effective network of scientists and agency personnel for protecting the critical source areas at the municipal level;
2) to identify the critical source areas for protection by applying the variable source area hydrology modeling techniques in Rockaway Creek watershed, Hunterdon County, New Jersey;
3) to review the existing municipal land use plan, zoning and ordinances and develop land use plans, ordinances and best management practices that are adoptable by municipalities to protect the critical source areas in local communities in the selected watershed; and
4) to design and implement a set of education and outreach programs that help municipalities adopt the proposed land use plans and ordinances to protect critical source areas in their communities based on social and economic analyses

Expected benefits include (1) connecting hydrological science and technology to feasible water resource protection actions; (2) going beyond the education to stakeholders and focuses on the actions related to land use planning and decisions at the municipal levels; (3) coordinating various federal and state programs for achieving locally identified water resource management objectives; and (4) developing a series of land use planning tools and protocols that are transferable to other communities.

To learn more about this project, contact Grace Messinger or call us at 908-441-9191.