River-Friendly Farm Certification Program

The River-Friendly Farm Program is a voluntary certification program designed to recognize farms that protect our shared natural resources through responsible management. Today, progressive farmers recognize that environmental excellence is part of a sustainable operation; management practices of today impact the viability of their business in the future. Whether located on five or 500 acres, farms that manage their land while protecting the soil and water around them are an asset to the larger community.

The River-Friendly Farm Program recognizes farmers who take leadership roles as environmental stewards. Once the applicant farm meets the criteria for this certification, the producer may use the River-Friendly label as a marketing tool to reach environmentally conscientious customers and raise awareness of local water quality issues.

Currently, farms in the Raritan River Basin are eligible to apply for the voluntary certification. North Jersey RC&D works with each individual applicant to plan, find funding, and implement practices that help protect and enhance water quality in the Raritan River Basin, which provides drinking water for 1.5 million people.

Certified Farms

Farmer Outreach Spotlight 

For more information please contact Kara Hasko by email or call us at 908-441-7526.

Supporting Organizations:

New Jersey Water Supply Authority
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Raritan Headwaters Association
Stony-Brook Millstone Watershed Association
New Jersey State Department of Agriculture
Rutgers Cooperative Extension
New Jersey Farm Bureau
United States Department of Agriculture-Farm Service Agency
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Somerset County Board of Agriculture
Somerset County Agricultural Development Board
Somerset-Union Soil Conservation District
Monmouth County Board of Agriculture
Mercer County Soil Conservation District
Freehold Soil Conservation District